Posted by: wildfishmonger | November 18, 2010

Afishionado Archive 12/8/10

Another wild year on the Stikine River

The season began with a start that led to great expectations for increased numbers in the fishery. Joy led to disappointment when the DFO decided that the count was too erratic and, in their wisdom, halted fishing for Sockeye and Chinook. We respect theirdecision and share everybody’s concern for dwindling fish stocks. The old timers contend that the cycle will soon be over and that next year will see an increase.

After having satisfied the demands of our western customers seeking fresh salmon, we began to process fillets and portions for the Ontario market. We expect fresh stock of Sockeye and Chinook this week. Prices remain steady.


Folks across eastern Ontario have been making the pleasant trek to our new Smoke House to taste the best smoked fish available in the province. We have perfected recipes for Orange-Chili-Ginger smoked Chinook, Double-smoked King salmon chunks, Cold smoked Albacore tuna loin and cold-smoked Clearwater scallops, traditional lox and much more. We use the same top quality fish that we’ve been supplying you for years, add some knowhow and tenderness – but never nitrates or chemicals.


Our territory now stretches from Ottawa to central Toronto and most points between. We consolidate orders and arrange convenient drops and deliveries on an irregular basis. However, we do deliver to Kingston twice weekly and would be pleased to have a few more clients. The service is free; minimum quantity is a case. So call your friends and neighbours, form a buying group and buy wholesale!

We’ve been in the news:

Greg Burliuk in the Kingston Whig Standard

The Salmon River Smokers on Cogeco Cable TV

We’re committed to bring you the finest seafood from the most sustainable sources known. When you buy from us, you’ll know where your food comes from.


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