Posted by: wildfishmonger | November 18, 2010

Winter Gift Boxes: UPDATE

We have expanded our line of Winter Gift Boxes to meet the varied tastes of our customers. Each box is attractively wrapped and comes with a 250g pack of our famous smoked almonds. Email us at, or give us a call at 613-379-1128 to place an order. Free delivery to the Kingston area!

A. Wild Salmon Selection

3 lbs each of: Sockeye portions

Coho portions, Chinook portions $139.00. An excellent way to discover the tastes of our most popular items, ready for you to cook. Recipes provided!

B: Smoke House Sampler

A complete selection (min 4 lbs) of the best smoked fish, just $110: Maple glazed Sockeye chunks, Indian Candy, Chinook belly strips, cold smoked Albacore Tuna loin, Sockeye lox, Chinook nuggets.

C: Omega 3 Intensive

It seems the evidence about omega-3 fish oil is so overwhelming that even most conventional medical practitioners will often recommend increasing dietary intake through foods or by using the best omega-3  supplements. We’ve selected the fish with the highest Omega 3 oils for you who have chosen a healthy diet: Sablefish (Black Cod) portions, Red Chinook and Ivory Chinook portions, Sockeye fillet and Mackerel fillets: Just $98 for a 5 lb selection.




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