Posted by: wildfishmonger | February 8, 2011

Pan Seared Pacific Snapper with Fresh Salsa

From our Test Kitchen in Tamworth, Ontario.


2 fillets Red Snapper (aka Rockfish)

¼ cup flour

Salt and Pepper


2 tbsp butter

3 tbsp olive oil


1 cup diced fresh tomatoes

1 chopped avocado

2 tbsp chopped sweet onion

1 tbsp lemon juice

Salt and Pepper

Combine salsa ingredients in a serving bowl.


Combine flour with S&P, parsley in another bowl.

Dry the fish fillets with towels. Dredge in flour mixture and tap all flour residue off.

Heat the oil & butter in a heavy pan until hot. Sear the fish fillets until one side has formed a crispy crust, about 3-4 minutes. Turn  and sear the other side another 2 minutes.

Present the fish with the crispiest side up along with a dollop of the salsa. Serve with a starch of your choice.



  1. Dear Angela & Richard,

    my friends Dianna & Gerrard House brought their Daughter Amelia to my farm this afternoon to see the 33 new lambs as well as the Donkey, Yaks & Highlands. They also brought me some of your smoked Almonds, Salmon & Smoked Wild Coho Lox. For someone who was born near the sea, living 2,000 miles inland is not easy for good fish is hard to find in Lanark Highlands. I’ve not enjoyed such a treat for a long time; it was excellent.

    On FaceBook I said: I’ve just finished a gift of Smoked Wild Coho Lox From the Salmon River Smoke House in Tamworth Ontario ( ) & am totally in love with it. The only fault I can find is the misleading label which claimed it would last 4-5 days in the fridge – It didn’t last 4 hours – it was devoured, yet savored, with joy & gusto far too soon… Obviously the quantity should be greater if any is to last longer than 4 hours. It’s not easy for someone born seaside living 2,000 miles inland.

    I congratulate you on your inspired business & wish you huge success. I shall make a point of coming to Salmon River one day.


    Rosemary Kralik

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